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    Ernst Receives US Patent for Innovative Search Technology

    Ernst Publishing Company announced today that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has awarded the company a new patent for its innovative recording fee and tax calculators, entitled “System and Method for Generating and Tracking Field Values of Mortgage Forms.” The patent now secures the company’s industry-leading intellectual property.

GFE Calculator Smart Query™ GFE Calculators

Smart Query™ instantly generates accurate government recording fees, taxes and title premiums required to complete blocks 4 through 8 on the GFE form and lines 1108, 1200-1205 on the HUD-1 document.


Recording GuideXML Direct & Client Hosted Solutions

Increase efficiencies, reduce costs and minimize errors that result in rejections by integrating Ernst data and calculation tools directly into your workflows. Access a suite of proven XML solutions that can automate generation of fees for GFE Blocks.


Custom FeeCustom Fee Engine Solutions

We build Custom Fee Engines to manage all third party vendor fees that are required on the GFE and HUD-1 through a proprietary software solution. Our Custom Fee Engine is housed on your local servers in a DLL.


Ernst CEO Gregory Teal Discusses Improving the Home Buying Experience