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UCC Forms for Use under Revised Article 9

If you encounter any problems with the links to the official forms at the IACA site, scroll down and use the temporary links to the same forms housed on our site.

Links to National Standard Forms:

NOTES: These forms are sourced from the International Association of Commercial Administrators, Secured Transactions Section, the body responsible for approving national UCC forms. Always check the UCC Resource Center for alternate state versions maintained on states’ web sites.

Temporary Forms Links (files on Ernst site):

Instructions for using PDF Fill-in Forms:

These instructions assume you have Adobe Reader software loaded to your computer and are conversant with its use.

  1. Click on the link for the form you want to use. It will open in a new browser window.(Or to save to your computer to use a form offline, right-click the form link, choose Save Target As, and select the desired save-location on computer.)
  2. Click in the first field of the selected form page to start entering data.
  3. Use the tab/shift+tab, arrow keys, and enter key to navigate around the fill-in fields. Fill in the desired text in text fields. A checkbox can be selected by clicking on it, or pressing the space bar when the focus is on the checkbox. Note that using the Clear button will clear all forms in this file, not just the current page.
  4. Once you have filled in the form as needed, you can print it. To print only the page you are using and not the instructions, depending on the print driver you use, select either “Current Page” or “Pages from x to x” in the print dialog where x is the current page of the form you are using.
  5. Users with Adobe Acrobat (not just Adobe PDF Reader) can edit default form field text, such as the return address, through the Forms Tool. Right-click on a field and select Properties to edit. Reader users will be unable to edit default text, or to save or export filled-in forms. Contact a software vendor or Adobe.com for Acrobat software.

To save PDF Forms to your hard drive for off-line use, click on the disk icon in the Reader toolbar (File/Save in your browser’s menu will not save the PDF file properly).